Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I hate potlucks. I have hated potlucks for as long as I can remember. There are always a few standout dishes among the cold flavorless and mushy casseroles. I think that the real problem lies in what I eat at potlucks. I always try to find something remotely healthy which leads me to eating frozen veggies mixed with hamburger that all tastes freezer burnt. I need to take a hint from my husband and just go with the tried and true. Meat like ham or sloppy joes and starches like mac and cheese and chips. And then gorge myself at the desert table.

Last week I went to a potluck at my kid’s daycare. Again I picked the wrong things. This was a multicultural themed potluck and by the time I got to the ham and cheese crepes (that looked delicious) my plate was filed with uninspiring casseroles.  After a painful dinner with the kids, where neither of them ate and were not allowed to have desert, my eyes wandered upon these.

Acorns! So cute and fall like. I snuck two while my kids weren't looking.  So yummy!

I decided that I would make and enjoy these with my kids on a night where they actually ate dinner.  I brought all the ingredients home and a few days later we got to making them.  The only difference with these and the ones that I had was that instead of butterscotch chips I used peanut butter.  Both are good, peanut butter is better.

I sat down with Olivia and we had knocked out about 80 in around 30 minutes.  It could have gone faster without a 3 year old helping, but she was enjoying it and only licked about 6 of them. And yes I mean licked the cookies . . . they had chocolate drips and she had to clean them up.

1 bag Hershey’s kisses
1 bag mini Nutter Butter cookies
1 oz baking chocolate
1 Cup peanut butter chips

This is a simple assembly project
Melt the ounce of baker’s chocolate to use as glue.
Take one cookie and smear a little bit of melted chocolate on one side.
Press one kiss on the chocolate side of the cookie and lay is on the top to dry.

Once all 80 kisses are adhered to all 80 Nutter Butters start of phase 2

Smear a peanut butter chip with some chocolate and press it on the cookie side of your
Lay the acorns on their side and allow them to dry for 10-20 minutes.


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