Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sillk dyed Easter Eggs

Easter is almost here.  Easter is my Favorite holiday!!  Easter in my family always comes with the best meal, biggest pie buffet, and an amazing Easter egg hunt.  Having kids has made the festivities that much more fun.  But before Easter can come you have to prepare for the festivities.  In the coming week I will share a few awesome Easter recipes, but not today.  This morning my daughter and I prepared by getting a little bit crafty.  Using the tutorial found on Our Best Bites,  we made silk dyed Easter Eggs.  The tutorial was really nicely done, super easy to follow, and had good pictures.

I grew up dying  Easter eggs with the packets of powder and vinegar. We spent many years perfecting how to poke a small enough hole in the egg to make it look good but not so small that we couldn't blow all of the innards out.  Somehow we never got through hard boiled eggs very quickly, hence the painstaking process to empty  out the shell.  This year is a little different, I have a daughter who could give cool hand Luke a run for his money in an egg eating contest.  There could never be too many hard boiled eggs in our house.  Without further ado my eggs.
My beautiful tie selection came from Goodwill and my husband's closet
The Eggs are wrapped in silk and then covered with a cotton layer.
The egg s are boiled in water + 1/4 cup vinegar for 20 minuutes

I tested  out 5 different ties all 100% silk.  There were a couple of things that I figure out:
1. The brighter the better!
2. The ugliest ties make the best eggs!
3. My husband had some really ugly ties in his closet,  too bad they weren't all silk!

Overall this was a really fun project that my 2 year could even help with.  Now she can't wait to eat them all up!

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  1. Now I have something specific to hunt for at the spring thrift sales! I saw the eggs yesterday and they were beautiful!